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Can I Sync TimeTree with other calendars (Google calendar, Outlook..)?

You cannot do a full sync, but you can do a few other things that will help you use TimeTree and OS calendar (like google calendar and outlook etc) together:


1:Using OS calendar with TimeTree  on  (About  "My schedule",Click here

My schedule enables you to view and edit both calendars (OS calendar and TimeTree).

but the following shared features aren’t available to you with the OS calendars.

  • Member invitation and calendar sharing
  • Assigning appointments to members

You can view and edit OS calendar appointments on 'My schedule ' .

Any time the OS calendar is updated, the changes will automatically be reflected in 'My schedule ' when you access  'My schedule'.

Note: Any changes you make in TimeTree 'My schedule ' to the OS calendar appointments will update the OS calendar.


How to do this,Click here.


2: Copy events from OS calendar into TimeTree (shared or personal calendar)

This is a way to import your appointments from OS calendar to TimeTree so that  you/members can view and edit them in TimeTree.

Note1:This will only be a one-way sync .Changes you/members make in TimeTree to the copied events  won’t update the OS calendar.

Note2:To keep the copied calendar up-to-date, copy again in TimeTree.

How to do this,Click here.