TimeTree Help


1. Create shared calendar

After installing TimeTree, click on ‘Get Started’. You will be directed to the settings page for a new calendar. You can name the calendar, add a description or change the color from this page. Return here at any time to make further edits to the calendar.



After you are done, a prompt to share the calendar will appear(*). If you are sharing this calendar, select who you would like to send the invitation and how you would like to send it. Swipe right or left to choose the recipient, and click the tabs for the method. If the app you want to use is not listed, click on the last tab to select from your installed apps.

(*)In case below invitation dialog does not appear, Tap "More" tab > Invite

s_2-1.invite_family__1_.png s_2-2.invite_apps.jpg


You can also copy the invitation link directly as shown below.



Import events

If you have already saved appointments to your OS calendar, you can copy them all over to TimeTree easily. If you would like to do so, open the settings tab for your calendar by clicking on ‘Settings’ in at the bottom right hand corner. Scroll down to Other and click on ‘Copy events from the OS calendar’.



As the app needs your permission to read your calendar, a pop-up requesting permission may appear. Please allow to use this function.

s_5-1.copy_os_permission_calendar.png s_5-2.copy_os_permission_confirm.png


Scroll down within the box and select all the calendars you wish to copy from, then click ‘Confirm’.



If you have successfully imported events, this confirmation message will be displayed.



Congratulations! You have finished set up.

*Sometimes it can take a while for the calendar to be updated, especially if you have many appointments. Please wait a while. If it still does not update, restarting the app usually does the trick. (Like with many electronic things.)